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Robotic Dress Packs, Marking / Labeling Systems, Cable Drag Chains, Cable Entry, Specialty Conduits GERMANY

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As an international company, we operate a global network of branches and offices in France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, the United States and China, and are also represented by many offices in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Australia and Asia.

We provide you with solutions to your unique challenges in the areas of cable protection, cable marking, labelling, automation and robotic equipment.Our high-tech plastic products can be found in just about every industrial sector, ranging from the rail - and automotive industry through toolmaking and mechanical engineering to electrical and medical engineering, packaging and woodworking.

As pioneers in the field of high-tech products made of plastic, you will find our cable solutions in just about every branch of industry around the world today. Gaining the competitive edge through innovation is one of the principles that guides us, and one that has resulted in more than 100 patent applications to date.

We drive progress forward with our culture of innovation, from our trainees to our research and development departments.






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