Electrical Power Distribution


Electrical Power Distribution

Safety Innovations For Industries

With the rapid growth of Indonesia’s economy in the past decade, there are significant and continuous increase in the number of building projects in various industries throughout the whole Indonesia. This creates an increased demand of high quality electrical components. Also, Indonesia’s market awareness with the better knowledge for safety regulations and new innovations from around the world, makes such electrical components and products to be sought after in the current and future industrial projects.


Due to the growth of industries in Surabaya City - Indonesia, new products and new companies are constantly growing in the area, hence, PT. Perkasa Adi Daya Indonesia was founded in 2012 to accommodate these needs.

Today, PT. PADI represents a company which is actively providing electrical solutions, manufacturing, supplying and distributing high quality electrical products with competitive price. We deal in International and Local brands. We provide custom fabrication for steel, stainless steel, aluminium and Polycarbonate electrical products such as junction boxes, panel boxes, cable trays and many more.


High reliability and motivation, coupled with continuous
improvement in our products’ efficiency and safety.
Mutual respect encompassing tolerance, trust, honesty and integrity.

Vision Statement

To be a fully integrated leading electrical equipment distributor, manufacturer and solution provider company, with a focus on safety, quality and efficiency.

Mission Statement

Providing high standard of safety, quality, competitive price and reliable solutions to customer's needs for better efficiency and safer environment. To share the knowledge of safe practice in electrical industry.

Business Concept

Integrating affordable high quality products with safety innovations to provide efficient solutions for our valued customers.

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